Workplace Investigations

We support corporate clients, HR teams and Employment Lawyers by undertaking the investigative role in Grievance or disciplinary matters thereby ensuring this function is 100% ‘independent and fair’ as required by Employment law

Workplace investigations.

Our specialist area is outsourced investigations for small to medium sized companies. To be compliant with Employment Law employers need to be able to demonstrate that they acted reasonably with fairness and independence when investigating a workplace disciplinary matter whether that be grievance, misconduct or gross misconduct allegation.

We provide that expertise and independence that ensures your business will not face criticism or large unfair dismissal awards at Employment Tribunal because they failed to investigate a matter independently and fairly.

Grievances raised by employees will be investigated by us in accordance with the business Grievance Policies. All relevant witness and physical evidence will be obtained and examined. Based on the factual evidence a fair and independent determination will be made on the balance of probabilities to decide if the grievance matter should be upheld.

ACAS guidelines

We will undertake any type of investigation and secure evidence to a standard suitable for any type of hearing.

Our experienced investigators interview key witnesses ensuring that the pertinent questions are asked and that the answers are recorded in an accurate manner.

By undertaking professional fact finding meetings we ensure that the Employer obtains the relevant evidence in a thorough, clear and structured statement or meeting record and the required facts are presented in a formal report in accordance with ACAS guidelines.