IT & Mobile Phone Examination’s

We are able to provide a mobile phone and computer forensic examination capability to assist investigations in the corporate and employment arena.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our access and capability in this area is cutting edge, we use experts in this field utilising technology that supercedes the equipment currently relied on by UK law enforcement. This enables defence teams to challenge extraction methods and content relied on by the prosecution.

Forward Thinking

The move away from paper files and the increased reliance on computers and other electronic devices to enhance efficiency has created new challenges for organisations as they safeguard their assets, investigate losses and protect their reputations from external threats.

We analyse data stored on electronic systems to develop a clear picture of how the device may have been used to assist with the loss or fraud. Our objective is to discover what critical information was moved, copied, deleted or compromised, while preserving the integrity of the evidence & complying with the rules of evidence recovery..

Computer forensics has become increasingly important as fraud, financial irregularities, employee misconduct, and commercial disputes threaten company finances, operations, reputations and impact on company profits.