IT Monitoring / Protection

The ‘insider threat’ is prevalent and a key risk to all companies and organisations

Key Benefits

• Audits and logs all files being emailed (corporate email and webmail) or copied to USB devices

• Searches computers for files that shouldn’t be there, such as company confidential documents, radicalisation and other inappropriate material.

• Identifies employees who are searching and downloading content, such as that listed above.

• Behavioural analysis algorithms benchmarks user’s normal behaviour patterns and identifies employees whose behaviours change.

• For Human Resources Departments, We enable you to measure productivity of employees and identify non-working related activities such as those spending time on social media sites.

• For Procurement Departments we provide full auditability of installed desktop software, along with its usage, maximising cost efficiencies and ensuring Enterprises only pay for the software they are using.

Key Threats

• Data Leak Protection – taking copies of confidential files by email by connecting USB devices to computers and copying them across.

• Do you have staff that are currently or have been radicalised?

• Are employees accessing inappropriate websites, such as pornographic, illegal, subversive or downloading indecent images, and is any of this content on your corporate network?

• Employees who knowingly/unknowingly have confidential corporate data on their devices?

Stay Confidential

We can provide protection from the ‘insider threat’ and Data Leaks. We will enable you to proactively identify fraud, radicalisation, inappropriate material being resident on networks, including confidential documents, and ‘Anti-Snowden’ technologies i.e. identify files being attached to email (webmail or Corporate email systems) or copied to USB devices and much more.